Sept. 15, 2020

9 - Uniting a Fragmented Ecosystem: Eric Stein from Branch

As the modern mobile ecosystem becomes more and more fragmented, so does tracking attribution and creating great, seamless user experiences across all platforms. Ken and Eric Stein, EVP & GM at Branch, discuss what it takes to drive engagement for users b

Engaging, acquiring, and retaining users across a fragmented mobile ecosystem is no small feat. Branch learned this the hard way. As the only company in its sector that didn't start as a marketing technology company (Branch was originally a photo book app), they were driven to build something that could bridge the gaps between diverse marketing channels, both online and off.

Ken and Eric Stein, EVP & GM at Branch, discuss the challenges Branch faced in creating a "universal" deep linking product that works seamlessly cross-platform, the ever-changing world of attribution in 2020, and how Branch has worked to help better user experiences and provide deeper insights to marketers.

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  • 1:50 - Deep linking defined
  • 11:33 - The true cost of deep linking ownership
  • 23:44 - IDFA, iOS 14, and driving better attribution
  • 32:48 - Implementing Branch and the measure of success
  • 42:04 - Focusing on the future