Sept. 8, 2020

8 - The Evolution of UX: Megan Balaguer from Savvy

In this episode, Ken and Megan Balaguer, Lead UX Designer at Savvy, discuss all things user experience. From flashbacks (and nightmares) of the early days of complex and convoluted Photoshop files to working across platforms, the benefits of design collab

Ten years ago, many companies sought to hire "UX unicorns," who were capable of all aspects of UX, visual design, and even coding. While in today's market specializing in UX or specific aspects of it are more normalized, there are a host of new challenges designers face in creating unique and seamless experiences across a multitude of different platforms.

Ken and Megan Balaguer, Lead UX Designer at Savvy, discuss changes to the user experience field over the last 10+ years, the benefits of doing in-person moderated testing, leaving your own biases at the door, and the evolution of designing experiences for multiple device types that even the least technical of users can comprehend.

Watch the video version of this podcast.


  • 6:46 - UX as a service provider versus UX in-house
  • 10:10 - Designing for the least technical user
  • 14:42 - The best UX exercises
  • 19:44 - Working across platforms fluidly
  • 25:54 - Consumer vs. Enterprise UX
  • 32:05 - The evolution of UX: 2010 vs. 2020
  • 36:26 - The importance of design collaboration