Sept. 1, 2020

7 - Making Sense of Customer Data Overload: Joey Malysz from Segment

Ken and Joey Malysz, Head of Channel Partnerships from Segment, do a deep dive into creating a streamlined "golden record" of customers using customer data platforms (CDPs), the importance of clean, aggregated data, core and complex uses cases for data ac

With the proliferation of customer data, customer data platforms or "CDPs" have stepped in to provide a single source of truth. They streamline customer data collection, ensure data meets any governance standards, and allow it to more easily be activated across product, marketing, and engineering. 

Ken and Joey Malysz, Head of Channel Partnerships at Segment, talk about using CDPs to make sense of customer data overload in the age of bloated SDKs, the 80+ tools that many companies use to run their business and organizations, and the need for a privacy-focused approach.

Watch the video version of this podcast.


  • 3:35 - Getting started with CDPs
  • 9:00 - Driving to a single source of truth for your customer data
  • 14:26 - Data activation and execution
  • 23:04 - The power of CDPs; advanced use cases
  • 35:00 - Defining the privacy-personalization paradox
  • 40:40 - Acquisitions and the growth of CDPs