Aug. 25, 2020

6 - The Comeback of Fun in Visual Design: Michael Flarup from Apply Pixels

Ken and well-known designer Michael Flarup discuss everything from skeuomorphism to macOS 11 Big Sur, bringing back fun in visual design, creating products for their kids, and avoiding the "circle of boring."

From the early days of creating Winamp skins and modding interfaces on Mac to current trends introduced by Big Sur, Ken and founder of Apply Pixels Michael Flarup discuss the evolution of visual design, Apple's strong influence on historical and current design trends, and finding fun in your work.

Watch the video version of this podcast.


  • 5:05 - The evolution of visual design; from skeuomorphism to flat design and beyond.
  • 15:10 - The democratization of design.
  • 23:32 - Neumorphism, Apple, and Big Sur.
  • 32:50 - Tools of the trade.
  • 38:30 - Children as inspiration and bringing back the fun in design.