Aug. 11, 2020

4 - Tools & Productivity: Shawn Blanc from Blanc Media

Shawn Blanc, founder of Tools and Toys, The Sweet Setup and more, talks about productivity and tools, and how he achieves purposeful and focused work.

A sabbatical every 8 weeks? Work-life...boundaries? 

We arguably live in one of the most distracting times in human history. Constant notifications, messages, calls, and emails vie for our attention, all while detracting focus from our work and home lives.

Ken and Shawn Blanc, the founder of The Sweet Setup, Tools & Toys, and The Focused Course, dispel the idea that "everything is urgent." They discuss the work philosophies and tools behind having a more productive and fulfilling life.

Watch the video version of this podcast.


  • 8-week work cycles
  • What is "focused" work?
  • Work-life...boundaries (not balance)
  • Favorite productivity tools and apps