Aug. 4, 2020

3 - Apple and the Death of IDFA: John Koetsier from Forbes

John Koetsier, Senior Contributor at Forbes, discusses the bombshell Apple dropped when announcing the death of IDFA in iOS 14 and the potential impact on mobile marketing and attribution.

Starting in iOS 14, apps using IDFA are required to fire a prompt requesting permission to allow tracking, effectively guaranteeing most users will opt out.

Ken and Senior Forbes Contributor John Koetsier discuss the implications and potential repercussions on an $80-billion industry as mobile marketers and attribution platforms scramble to make sense of Apple's latest updates.

Watch the video version of this podcast.


  • iOS 14 updates to IDFA
  • User privacy gains
  • Repercussions for mobile marketers and attribution platforms
  • The future of targeted advertising and attribution