Sept. 29, 2020

11 - Don't Get Interrupted Playing Racquetball: Neil Manvar from Sentry

On this week's episode of Sync, Ken and Solutions Engineering Manager Neil Manvar discuss how application monitoring and error tracking services like Sentry can ensure your racquetball match—or other important part of your life—goes uninterrupted through

We all dread that late-night or weekend emergency ping that takes us away from family, friends, or hobbies. But being proactive and implementing steadfast performance and error monitoring can make the difference between burning the midnight oil scouring logs of obscure errors or playing your next uninterrupted racquetball match.

Ken and Neil Manvar, Solutions Engineering Manager at Sentry, discuss how proper error and performance monitoring can uncover problems before they spread, help to identify and reduce unnecessary infrastructure costs and help you promote only the most healthy releases to production.

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  • 3:07 - The history of Sentry
  • 7:15 - The four different categories of monitoring
  • 11:23 - Fixing problems before they spread
  • 16:49 - Common mistakes of monitoring
  • 23:50 - Favorite features
  • 29:47 - Monitoring to help fight rising infrastructure costs
  • 31:28 - Identifying catastrophic system issues
  • 33:17 - Combating poor user experience through performance monitoring